The Cavs Won Game 4 of 2017 NBA Finals

Yes, The Cavs won game 4 of 2017 NBA Finals! So the score is the same as last year: 3-1 to The Warriors. Let’s see if history could repeat itself. I know The Warriors are a different team now, and also Barkley had a good point when he said, the Cavs weren’t going to win […]

Link Building Outreach

Yay! I got another backlink from doing link building outreach to blog owners. Related: See how I use image to get backlinks. Now, let’s be clear, it might be a Private Blog Network or PBN or it might be a high-quality regular niche blog, or it might be a PBN disguised as a high-quality regular […]

Using Pictures For SEO

When I search for competitors’ backlinks sometimes I see backlinks from high DA websites linking to our images. For several months, I couldn’t figure out how my competitions can get links from image sharing websites so easily. I went and did some research. I noticed that my competitions’ blogs were updated pretty frequently. They also […]

Warriors Won Game 1 NBA Finals 2017

Well, as expected The Warriors beat The Cavs on Game 1 NBA Finals 2017. Nobody could stop The Warriors starters. Steph, Klay, KD, Draymond, they could play with me as the fifth guy and they could probably still win. That’s how good this team is. But, I’m definitely still rooting for The Cavs and sticking […]

NBA Finals is on the way 

I can’t wait for the Cavs vs Warriors Trilogy.  I’m rooting for the cavs obviously because they’re the underdog.  But LBJ is just the best player in the world by far. I’m a sports fan and it’s hard for me to hate on greatness like The King 👑  Come on Cavs win this series!