Use https:// For Better SEO

I just transferred my website to https:// instead of http://. According to several authoritative SEO websites, SSL certificates or changing your URL to https:// is one of the ranking signals that Google considers when placing your website on top of the results. Here are several articles that confirm SSL or https:// is definitely affecting your […]

A Local Niche Directory Website

I have been working on a local niche directory website that focuses on home improvement projects. I am going to build the site from scratch and do SEO on it. I can create content on different format like: articles videos business listings images infographics slide presentations These 6 ideas are enough for me to get […]

The Cavs Won Game 4 of 2017 NBA Finals

Yes, The Cavs won game 4 of 2017 NBA Finals! So the score is the same as last year: 3-1 to The Warriors. Let’s see if history could repeat itself. I know The Warriors are a different team now, and also Barkley had a good point when he said, the Cavs weren’t going to win […]

Link Building Outreach

Yay! I got another backlink from doing link building outreach to blog owners. Related: See how I use image to get backlinks. Now, let’s be clear, it might be a Private Blog Network or PBN or it might be a high-quality regular niche blog, or it might be a PBN disguised as a high-quality regular […]