Use https:// For Better SEO

I just transferred my website to https:// instead of http://.

According to several authoritative SEO websites, SSL certificates or changing your URL to https:// is one of the ranking signals that Google considers when placing your website on top of the results.

Here are several articles that confirm SSL or https:// is definitely affecting your search engine rankings:

If they are not enough reasons for you to switch to https:// then just stop reading this article now.

The point is, you are much better to switch to https:// if you are on the fence about it right now.

The Reason Why HTTPS:// is Better for SEO

As you know, a lot of websites get hacked and as a results, they are spreading viruses and malware all over the internet.

WordPress websites is notorious of being hacked for a couple reasons:

They leave footprints like “Powered by WordPress” or the URL: “/wp-admin” therefore, hackers can easily search for these footprints and find WordPress sites fairly easily.


  • Most WordPress sites are updated by their owners. It means, old plugins and themes are vulnerable targets for hackers to infiltrate your website.
  • Google realizes this fact and they try to prevent infected websites from showing on their top results.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Google’s main concern is their users’ experience. They want their users to find the best websites possible every time they enter a keyword on Google.

Google, in return, must show the most related and useful websites for that search term. Google definitely does not want to show infected websites on their top results.

Therefore, in recent Google changes, they made SSL or https:// a contribution to your search engine rankings. In other words, you will get ranking boost if you switch your URL from http:// to https://.

Now, the question is, how do I switch my URL to https://?

The easiest way to do it is to call your hosting provider and ask if they give free SSL for their customers.

My hosting provider, Bluehost, provides free SSL for all my websites, so all I have to do is call them and tell them I want a free SSL so I can have https:// in front of my domain.

If you are not hosting with Bluehost, you might have to pay for the SSL certificate.

Now that my site has SSL, I’m ready to do more things to it, like speed up the loading time. This is also one of the ranking signals that Google uses to  show websites on top result pages.

Again, this is related to giving the best experience for Google users. Google wants to show websites that load very quickly on all devices. They know most Internet users will only wait 2-3 seconds for a website to load. If a website loads longer than that, they will just simply exit the website and go to the next.

Google does not want slow loading sites on their top results because slow loading sites result in bad user experience.


If you are serious about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must play by Google’s rule because Google is the biggest source of search engine traffic for your websites.

Two of the best things you can do now to please Google is to switch your site to https:// and also speed up your loading time.

You can check your current page loading time by going here:

Pingdom Tool

Remember, most Internet users only wait 2-3 seconds to load before they leave your site so make sure your website is loading very quickly.

Go ahead and switch your URL to https:// and increase your website loading time. You will see a boost in your search engine rankings by doing these two things today.


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