How to Solve Image Limit Problems For Users

I finally figured out how to host my image without using image size quota. I had been thinking about a way to somehow host my images for free so I could upload anywhere by using a URL.

Additionally, I also had been thinking about how to use that free image hosting site for SEO purposes.

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I find a way to do both:

  1. Host my images for free so I can share them anywhere
  2. Get SEO benefits from my image sharing profile.

The answer is

Behance is a social media website where artists, photographers, interior designers, and more can share their work portfolio. On your Behance profile page, there are several places to include your links such as your blog, website, work history, social media profiles, and more.

Here are the instructions on how to use Behance for SEO and image sharing.

Get Rid of File Size Limitation and Improve your SEO

Step 1: Register on

Go to website and register for free. You just need a valid email address to have an account.

Step 2: Confirm your email address

Login to your email and confirm your registration. Behance requires you to click the link they send after you register, otherwise you cannot place links on your profile page. It is important for you to use a real email account.

Step 3: Edit your profile

Once you verify your email, you are logged in to your account. Click on “Profile” at the top and edit your profile.

Wordpress image SEO

Step 4: Enter your links

While editing your profile, you can insert your blog URL, social media profiles, and many other links that you see fit. Believe me, you do not want to skip this step. A backlink from Behance is a great link because it is a do-follow link.

Additionally, is a website with very score so a link from Behance would be valuable.

Step 5: Create a project

Once your profile is ready, the next step is to create a project. Click on the big “Create a project” button at the top.

Step 6: Upload your image or images

Follow the instructions on your screen. First you upload your image or images, add text, descriptions, and so on.

Step 7: Publish your project

Click publish after you check everything and are satisfied with your project.

Step 8: Get the URL of the image you want to share

Once your project is uploaded, your images are stored on Behance’s storage. This means you can get the URL and paste it on your blog.

Go to the image you just upload on Behance, right click on the image, and choose “Copy Image Location”

Wordpress image SEO Tips

Step 9: Paste that URL into your WordPress or anywhere

Now, you have copied your Behance image URL. The next step is to paste it on your WordPress blog or anywhere else that allows you to share an image based on image URL.

For example, on you can set featured image and choose “Add via URL”

Wordpress blogging tips

Another way is to use HTML img tag to place your image in the body of your blog.

Here is an explanation on how to do it.

Make sure you switch from “Text” to “HTML” editing while writing your blog post on WordPress.

Congratulations! You just unlocked a secret to unlimited image space on your blog

And that’s it. Now, you should not worry about the 3GB limit you have on your blog because your images are not hosted on

They are hosted on your profile.

I’m sure Behance does not limit your image space so you can upload as many images as you want.


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