A Local Niche Directory Website

I have been working on a local niche directory website that focuses on home improvement projects. I am going to build the site from scratch and do SEO on it.

I can create content on different format like:

business listings
slide presentations

These 6 ideas are enough for me to get started. I have created a mini site like this one to make sure my backlinks and are indexed.

I will have to keep building backlinks to the site and rank my pages high on search engines to get organic traffic.

Since the website does not have an address I cannot submit to local site directories that require addresses to list a website. But that’s okay. There are plenty more link building techniques to get myself links.

The key is to keep writing high-quality content, preferably long articles that have 1000 words or more.

One thing that I notice is that I start to get requests from other site owners to post their articles. This is good because that means I get free articles.

All I have to do now is to make sure the articles that I am posting are very good and high-quality.

I am also interested in talking with other blog and website owners who are generating passive income from online assets, whether you are doing it full time or part time.

One more thing in my to-do-list is to create video content.

I see more and more video content everywhere on social media, therefore, I must follow the trend and create my own videos.

Media content like videos also help your page to rank higher. This is a common on-site SEO strategy that is often overlooked and ignored.

I am also planning to create infographics using Canva and submit to infographic directories to get more links.

About slideshow presentation, I can get links from Slideshare

or Google Docs.

So that is it for now. I will write more so stay tuned….


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