Congratulations Kevin Durant and The Warriors NBA Champ 2017

The Warriors won another title with Kevin Durant after they beat the Cavs 4-1 in the NBA Finals series.

I was hoping the Cavs could orchestrate another comeback from a 3-1 deficit just like they did last year, but they can’t.

This time the Warriors have Kevin Durant which was really good at the Finals.

Here’s KD’s stats on the final:
35.2 Points Per Game, 8.4 Rebounds Per Game, 5.4 Assists Per Game, 1.0 Steal Per Game, 1.6 Block Per Game, and he won the Finals MVP.

Lebron James looked tired in the 4th quarter when the Cavs really needed him. Apparently, the Warriors just had too much fire power for The King to handle.

I don’t think anybody could beat the Warriors if their team is still intact for next season, but let’s see.

Lebron James Free Agency Moves

There’s a talk about Lebron is going to another team when he becomes a free agent.

I think Lebron James has to go to the Spurs if he wants to beat the Warriors 😀

But, the 2016-1017 NBA season is over now. We’ll have to wait until October 20th to watch another NBA season.

The good thing is, they’re going to start the next season 10 days earlier because of the new labor agreement with the player’s association.

The NBA Draft is coming soon. My team, The Lakers have the second pick. Let’s see if they go with Lonzo Ball.

Other than that, I’ll have to wait until the NFL season starts because I don’t really watch baseball at all during the regular season.

Oh well, NBA fans….I think Stephen A. Smith is right about The Warriors being a super team and it’s damaging the quality of the games.

There’s only not 5, not 4, not 3, not 2, but 1 team that can really win the NBA Championship every year, and that’s The Warriors.


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