The Cavs Won Game 4 of 2017 NBA Finals

Yes, The Cavs won game 4 of 2017 NBA Finals! So the score is the same as last year: 3-1 to The Warriors. Let’s see if history could repeat itself.

I know The Warriors are a different team now, and also Barkley had a good point when he said, the Cavs weren’t going to win 4 games even though the Cavs played this good because The Warriors didn’t show up.

Well, let’s hope The Warriors don’t show up in the next 3 games.

I want to see The Cavs win the championship and beat the Warriors. If Lebron did it, I hope it silences the critics and just accept that he’s better than MJ as the best player that’s ever played the game.

Just like Tom Brady settled he’s the best that’s ever thrown a football.

The Cavs didn’t just have a win but they did it in style. They broke several NBA Finals records and one NBA Playoffs record, according to

1. Most points in a quarter, Finals – 49
2. Most points in a half, Finals – 86
3. Most points in a half, playoffs – 86
4. Most 3-pointers made in a half, Finals – 13
5. Most combined points in a half, Finals – 154
6. Most 3-pointers made in a game, Finals – 24
7. LeBron James: Most triple-doubles, Finals – 9

Help For King James

The King got a lot of help from his teammates. Nine players scored double-digits, Kyrie Irving grabbed 7 rebounds, along with his 40 points. Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and J.R. Smith had 18 three-pointers combined.

All in all it’s a great win. It’s about time The Cavs play like their the defending champ! It’s an uphill battle since there’s no NBA team has ever come back from a 0-3 deficit. But hey, why not do it for the first time.

I mean, isn’t it great for NBA fans in general? I’m not talking about The Warriors fan because they’d be devastated. Let’s just face it, the whole country, if not the whole world, wants to see The Cavs win.





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