Link Building Outreach

Yay! I got another backlink from doing link building outreach to blog owners.
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Now, let’s be clear, it might be a Private Blog Network or PBN or it might be a high-quality regular niche blog, or it might be a PBN disguised as a high-quality regular niche blog.

Bottom line is: High-Quality Niche Blog. 🙂

That’s what I’m looking for when I’m building links for my clients’ or my websites.

Reasons To Always Focus On The Best Backlinks You Can Find

Yes, I know if you only find high-quality blogs with 30+ DA or a minimum of PR2 it might trigger Google penalties, but there are several reasons why I keep doing it:

It’s very hard to anyone (even robots) to figure out the sites that I link from is spammy or not. I did extensive research on the site before I contact the owner to place my link

These sites are very related to my niche and have decent Domain Authority and Page Authority. I know this because I do the research. This blog is definitely great for swimming pool niche.

There are going to be lower quality links linking to your site if your site is well-optimized. Getting lower quality links to offset your link building effort is normal practice.

Most of these links are my competitors backlinks. I know for a fact their sites aren’t penalized. Their sites rank better than mine, that’s why I want to see their backlinks in the first place.

You’ll be surprised with how friendly these bloggers are. You could expect to get 20% or more responses from bloggers who are willing to place your links.

So the point is, you focus your time on building high quality links, contacting blog owners, and actually getting those links posted.

That won’t get you penalized because of the obvious reasons (Please note: You must know what you’re doing in making sure you won’t leave backlink trails.)

Actually, if you’re a beginner, this Google search result is pretty helpful.

As always, if you have any questions regarding SEO please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Until next time….



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