Big Change is Coming

I start my first step to becoming alcohol-free. I replace alcohol drinks with food I like. Like pizza and my homemade banana milkshake. I don’t bother about eating healthier now. I just try to eat what I like to replace the alcohol. It should work. But, what if I just have one beer per day. […]

Back at it Again

Wow, it’s been more than a year since my last post. I’m trying to write more to help my personal development journey. I think we must share our goals and dreams to the world so we’re more committed to them. I also want to write more in general. Either it’s here, or my personal journal, […]

Setting Goals Diary

Well, I have been setting weekly goals for two weeks and it feels amazing. I feel like I’m striving for something for the first time. I have been a long time fan of personal development topics like the Law of Attraction and so on. I also have been writing my personal journal for years and […]

Weird Result on SEO Test Today

Hi guys, as you already know, I’m doing an SEO experiment on Test Search results of this blog. Click here if you want to follow my work. I saw something weird and I decided to write about it on here. So, I have an SEO client who lets me manage several of his websites. The […]

Good Results on My SEO Test Search

I’m still working on my Test Search and I am very happy with the results. If you want to follow my SEO Test Search please click here. I’ve been using Link Processor and I feel like I get better results in terms of the number of backlinks I get. I’ve been working on getting Tier […]

Test Search SEO Experiment Continues

If you haven’t read my blog about my test search SEO experiment, please read my previous post here. To follow my SEO TEST SEARCH experiments please click here. Today, I just subscribed to Link Processor. It’s basically a backlink indexing service to improve your SEO campaign. Obviously, most of you already know SEO depends on […]

Test Search SEO Experiment on My Blog

I’m going to test search my own blog and do a comprehensive SEO experiment on my projects. The first experiment is going to be on my WordPress blog. Yes. This one. I will use SEO Software like GSA to optimize my blog. There are some other tools like semi-dedicated proxy and catch-all email but I […]

SEO Experiment with Backlinks

I’ve been doing an SEO experiment by using backlinks software (GSA). So far, I’ve seen positive results on the experiment. Here’s what the experiment look like: Choose a Money Site to Optimize by Building Backlinks The first step is to decide what website or URL you want to optimize. This is your money site. Build […]

Swimming is Great

I think swimming is great for helping you become a better person. Not only is swimming great for your physical body, it is also great for your mind as well. There are a lot of research about the benefits of swimming, even for kids.  According to, accidental drowning is the number one cause of […]

Brett Hundley and Lonzo Ball UCLA

Brett Hundley played for UCLA just like Lonzo Ball did. Hundley now plays for the Green Bay Packers and Lonzo Ball plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. I wonder if they hang out with each other when they visit each other’s city? Like when Lonzo is playing Milwaukee Bucks or Brett is playing the Los […]